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Space-saving wall-mounted bed with our bed lift hardware, optimising room layout and providing an extra bed for visitors.

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Experience our best selling l-shaped sofa cum bed hardware kit

L shape sofa cum bed that transforms living space into a cozy bedroom at night and frees up valuable floor space during the day.

Accommodates all mattress types

Invite your parents and friends to stay over in your new guest room any day.

Transform any room into a bedroom.

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A sofa bed for small rooms to enjoy comfortable seating option during the day and converting into a bed for sleeping at night.

Steady & Controlled Release

Seamlessly convert a one BHK into a two BHK.

A bed to sofa that serves dual functionality by giving you flexibility to switch between seating and sleeping arrangements.

Easy & Safe Lift Operation


Our hydraulic bed fittings allow the bed to fold up & down with minimal effort. 

Design Based Customisation: The supplier supports customisation based on drawings.

Why settle for mass-produced pieces that don’t fit your style or needs?

Malrox offers high-quality hardware; fittings and frames that provide a functional solution to enhance your sleep experience. 

Your architect/interior designer will tailor the finishing; wood work, cushioning, and upholstery to your exact specifications.

Unlock the potential of a space using our fittings to effortlessly transition between various functions that resonate with your lifestyle.

An example of up-down bed using Malrox folding bed fittings that can be installed in your house. Available on our website!

Unlock Your Space: Transforming Sleep into Space Efficiency

Low height kids folding cot bed using our horizontal wall bed kit for a convenient and efficient solution for compact baby rooms.

Wall Bed Hardware

Our Fold Out Bed Desk lets you have both a Home Office Desk & a Foldaway Guest Bed.

While lowering the Wall Bed, the Hydraulic fitting keeps the surface parallel to the floor allowing you to leave items on your desktop untouched. 

A Malrox Murphy bed with desk that is a comfortable bed when needed, and easily folds up to reveal a functional desk during the day.

Fold Out
Desk Bed

When occupant size matters, our Horizontal Wall Bed is an ideal solution. 

The Horizontal Bed Mechanism rotates up & down on its side, reduce the height of operation. easy for frequently visiting young cousins.