An ideal solution for small-space living. We are India’s first supplier and distributor of Space-Saving Architectural Hardware Wall Bed Fittings in India.

Our folding bed mechanisms contribute towards multi-purpose interior designs by utilising valuable floor space in space-constricted rooms.

In the everything-from-home context, our folding bed mechanisms  let you have both; a home office and a guest bedroom, in every affordable home size.

Our wall attached beds seamlessly transition any space into an additional bedroom that comfortably accommodates frequently visiting guests/family.

Solution for Smart Spaces

In the era of ‘everything smart,’ @MalroxBeds are the ideal solution for Architects & Interior Designers to integrate new features in design plans. is your ultimate site to purchase foldable bed mechanism-hardware. Available only via our online store.

Leveraging the power of space for growth

The heart of progress lies in your separate space for study and work; connected and yet private.

Great opportunities open up with a closed bed, making your room functional and intelligent.

Our architectural hardware products utilising vertical space that turn a bed into a room, effortlessly.

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