Space-saving wall-mounted bed with our bed lift hardware, optimising room layout and providing an extra bed for visitors.

Ultimate Space-Saving Solution. for everyday use or the occasional guest.

Maximise bedroom area with a Malrox Wall Mounted Bed by easily switching between open and closed positions.

With endless possibilities for customisation, you can choose from a variety of wall mounted bed fittings to suit your small space interior solution.

Why Every Home in the City Needs a Wall Bed

Celebrate the spirit of togetherness with options to accommodate guests and family members at any time.

Fulfilling the unaffordable demand for bigger spaces, seamlessly convert a one BHK into a two BHK.

Our hydraulic bed fittings allow the bed to fold up & down with minimal effort for all generations.




Create Joyful Memories with the Convenience of Wall Beds

Space vs Affordability

Invite your nieces and nephews over for holidays without worrying about accommodation constraints.

Our Fold Out Bed Desk hardware allows you offer a desk for holiday homework and a stay over bed.

Controlled Lift & Release

Make extra sleeping areas making family gatherings more enjoyable and stress-free.

When occupant size matters, our Horizontal Wall Bed rotates up & down on it’s side reducing height of operation.

L shape sofa cum bed that transforms living space into a cozy bedroom at night and frees up valuable floor space during the day.
A bed to sofa that serves dual functionality by giving you flexibility to switch between seating and sleeping arrangements.

Space-Saving Hardware Solutions

Wall Beds for every corner – Our hardware solutions provide the foundation for your architect or interior designer to create the perfect solution for space-saving functionality.

Collaborate with us to design spaces that enhance your sleep experience.

An example of up-down bed using Malrox folding bed fittings that can be installed in your house. Available on our website!